25 May 2006

Now that the Pupil of the Eye has moved...

What should I do with this blog now that the Pupil of the Eye has moved?

How bout having a blog about nothing?
A blog about sex?
A blog about celibacy?
A blog about cows?
A blog about free association?
A blog about near death experiences?

Speaking of which. I had one today. There was a storm near my home and I managed to drive right into it. It was only by the grace of His Holiness that the tree fell directly in front of my car and not on top of my car.

I'm still a little shakey just thinking about it. I remember it now as if it was a dream and yet it wasn't. The water and dead leaves still in my car left tale tail signs. It was real.

It has put me in a reflective mood. I feel its time to examine my life. Get rid of what needs to be shed. Take on what needs to be taken on. You know the drill. We are not promised one more day. Not one more night.

I remember how scared I was as I called out repeatedly the only phrase I knew to call out, "Ya Baha ul Abha". What does that mean? Ask the Father the next time you speak to him. He will tell you no matter in which language you use to query Her.

So... Enough with all the bull. Enough with all the lies. Enough with all the nonsense--the all consuming pretense.

Get to doing what it is you have been placed on this earth to do.

Don't wait. Git ta steppin jena.

saw this in the paper (oh I mean on the internet) today.

EFA (Employee of Future Agent) is a part-time position offering full-time hours with State Farm Insurance Companies. The candidate will be expected to complete required training and licensing within 90 days. Upon completion, they will be considered for permanent employment with a State Farm Agent.
Can you tell me why a part time position is offering full time hours? Isn't it time companies stopped messin over the little man. Doesn't that make you mad? Dag gone it. Just give the employee the benefits or hire yourself a virtual assistant.

Too much wrong with the world...

And why am I so angry tonight? Maybe it WAS a near death experience without the white lights.

Maybe "injustice anywhere is an afront to justice everywhere."

Martin, Martin can you and Coretta come and help us with this? This stuff is getting outta hand.

Your comments are welcomed!